Maiden voyage of Hantseguashe

To my precious readers, 

First of all I'd like to thank your for stopping by and investing your time to read my aspiring all-in-one blog's first entry. By the end of this post you will hopefully like where this might go or take your attention elsewhere, in any case I appreciate your yet undivided attention. 

Who am I?

I'm currently a student, living in Vienna, Austria.

What will I be blogging about?

 As its name indicates, this blog will mainly be about fashion, but will also cover three other big fields which might me interesting to you:

food, photography and lots of useful DIYs

Like many other students I tried finding a hobby which will distract me from my studies from time to time. I decided to stick with the high art of blogging.

Which styles do I feature on my blog?

I'm not really confined to a certain area since I love mixing sophisticated chic with vintage, and elegant with sporty pieces. Whatever I choose to wear, my most important rule is to stay classy, which means that I greatly care about looking fashionable, yet modest. 
That doesnt mean that I dress like a prude. 
It just took me quite a few years to develop my own style and dressing too revealing is definitely not my thing. 

What else will I be blogging about?

First of, this is my personal blog and I will stick to what looks good and makes for a stylish outfit- to me. 
If I can launch this thing into higher spheres- that'll be great! But as everyone knows, we're all individuals with different tastes (thank god!), so my stuff might not quite give you the same goosebumps as to me. 
What you will profit from however are my DIYs. I spent a lot of my free time on experimenting with different kind of remedies and came up with a notebook of almost 150 pages. Not to mention, that notebook is flabby as hell, yet its filled with the creamy goodness of self made bliss and the bloody tears I shed when trying to make them work perfectly (jk).
My DIYs will mainly focus on hair, skin and body care, and trust me, once you try them there is no turning back. 

What else will I be blogging about?

Truth be told, I love food and trying out new and exotic delights has grown on me like nobodys business. Not only will I share the most delicious cuisine Vienna has to offer but also share my own personal recipes, explained step by step and accompanied with descriptive pictures. 
I was heavily overweight, but managed to take on that problem with clean eating. That's why I will not share recipes for almost-diabetic cakes but also a few tricks on how to stay lean and mean. 

The other thing I'll have a big focus on (literally) will be photography. 
Vienna and Austria in general have beautiful sights to offer, beginning from historical architecture, sightseeing attractions and of course beautiful landscapes. Since I like to travel not only abroad but in Austria as well, I'll be posting my fair share of breathtaking shots. Who knows, maybe your journey will lead you to our humble little country, and you'll be awesome and know everything beforehand :)

Since I chose to rather not show my face (I'm pretty paranoid that way) I wont do a lot of MUA. Although I can say that I'm fairly talented I cannot show that here, instead I'll be doing lots of testing and will share my experience with various products, not only with Make Up but also with perfumes.

With these words I want to close in on my first entry, hoping that I gave you a little insight about me and my goals regarding this blog. I'd love to know what you guys think, so comments and any feedback are greatly appreciated. At the same time I want to say I'm only human, just as you are and you might not agree with what I post. If that should be the case you're welcome to let me know any time, but please be considerate and dont be rude. 

At this point, the maiden voyage of Hantseguashe ends and I am starting freshly into new waters!


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