Moody April OOTD #1

Ahoi Lovelies, 

moody ol' April is at it again- with temperatures below 10, heavy wind and ever changing clouds. Not a great time to go out outdoors?
Not if you live in Vienna though.
     We used our short study break to walk around a little and good fortune was on our side with the weather. 

There is this beautiful spot in the 9th district of Vienna which I like to call "Fishy mouth fountain spot". It's so peaceful there that I actually manage to relax completely, sitting on a bench, surrounded by birds chirping and leaves dancing. 

I also had a chance had a chance to flaunt my outfit in those 5 minutes of sunshine (jk lol). I mashed it together on POLYVORE for you guys, so make sure to check that out also. 

Here is a little variety I put together on POLYVORE.

Moody April

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