Shrimps on veggie rice recipe

 Ingredients for 2 persons

great as school or university lunch

shrimps, salt and pepper, olive oil, a big onion, frozen veggies (I took peas and carrots), short grain rice, cherry tomatoes
This recipe is super simple and doesn't take long, but if you use frozen shrimps you have to count in an hour for defrosting (for that purpose, let them sit in a sieve at the sink)
First things first, cook the rice. For that, you take two cups of rice and for cups of water (thats a golden rule: you use two cups water on one cup rice)
Take a small pot, pour in the water and rice and add about a tablespoon salt.  Let it cook for about 15 minutes.
In the meantime get your veggies ready. What I do is I cook water in the electric kettle, and simply por the hot water in a bowl. Then I pour in the frozen veggies and let them sit until the rice is done half way through. After that I strain them through a sieve and add them to the rice.
Next chop up the onion. Make sure to cut really small quadratic pieces, as this might look more appealing than big uneven chunks
Take a pan, heat oil and pour in the chopped onions.Cook them until they are golden brown, then add the shrimps. Shrimps need to be sautéed, which means cooked for only a few minutes. Season them with salt and pepper, take the pan off the stove.
Now take a big bowl, pour in the veggie rice and shrimps. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and garnish your dish.
And VOILA, there you have a healthy lunch for any occasion.

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